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5 Best Mattresses For Back Pain In The USA With Buying Guide

Written by Sumit Pandey

Back pain is a common occurrence in the western world. This is mostly due to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles and desk jobs, which put strain on our backs. 

But did you know that back pain can also occur as a result of sleeping? That’s right – according to the National Sleep Foundation, around 80% of adults in the United States suffer from back pain due to their sleep position.

So what’s the best mattress for your needs? Well, that depends on your requirements and preferences. 

Are you looking for a budget model or are you willing to spend more? Do you need a firm mattress or would you prefer something softer? 

These are some of the questions we’ll be answering in this guide. So without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

With all the different mattresses for back pain available out there, it can be quite difficult to choose one that fits your needs perfectly. So let’s take a look at five of what we think are currently best mattresses for back pain with a buying guide.

Here’s The List of The Best Mattresses For Back Pain 

Best Mattresses for back pain
1. Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress
2. LUCID 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress With Adjustable Bases
3. Dormeuse - Premium Grade Natural Latex Mattress
4. Brooklyn Bedding Alexander Signature Series – Soft/Firm Hybrid Mattress
5. Queen Mattress, Sweetnight 12 Inch Mattress for back pain
  • Pressure relieving
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Memory foam
  • 4-inch thick memory foam
  • Open cell technology
Ultra Budget Choice

Dormeuse - Premium Grade

  • Plush firmness
  • High density memory foam
  • Medium firm
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Removable & washable
  • 12 inch queen mattress
  • Gel memory foam

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress (Best Budget Choice)

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Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress (Best Budget Choice)

Zinus is a popular brand when it comes to memory foam mattresses and they have created an excellent model here which will provide excellent support for people suffering from back pain. It has many great features at an affordable price such as:

Elastic Polymer Cooling Cover with Stretch Knit Fabric and Drawstring Closure - 

This cover will ensure superior airflow throughout the bed so it stays cool all night long while preventing heat retention which could cause sweating at night. 

The cover is also made with stretch knit fabric which adds extra durability and allows it to fit perfectly over both king-size beds as well as twin-size beds alike. 

The bed also includes zippered corners for easy maintenance when washing it by hand or machine.


In terms of sizing, its dimensions are around 10" thick x 75" wide x 8" deep making it suitable for single people up to about 250 pounds or couples up to 350 pounds. 

You should note however that this size will not be suitable if you're larger than this because there may not be enough room left over on your bed frame once this mattress is added. 


It's important to note though that memory foam doesn't tend not keep its original shape forever if left alone too long so bear this in mind when purchasing one with such dimensions since even though they're standard amongst other brands out there they may still end up leaving little room for use beside them should sleep above them every night. 

Please also note that users recommend ordering 2 inches larger than usual if possible since most customers found themselves having more space leftover than necessary when using just one dimension rather than both together after receiving their order. 

However please bear in mind that these dimensions tend towards being too small rather than too large so don't worry about ordering something too big since these will probably turn out being just fine for most customers who order them here. 


In terms of firmness/softness levels, please click here​ ​to find out more about how each level compares with others on average along with user reviews from people who have purchased each level and used them before​ ​(this information should come handy if you're looking into buying any memory foam mattress). 

All things considered, we feel like this Zinus model has everything going for it: high-quality materials used throughout along with fantastic customer service ratings across all major review sites as well as Free Shipping options.

LUCID 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress With Adjustable Bases (Premium Choice If You Have A High Budget)

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LUCID 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress With Adjustable Bases (Premium Choice If You Have A High Budget)

Lucid's premium offering meant specifically targeted towards those looking into enhancing their sleep experience even further via additional comfort layers built into their design which make sleeping atop this model exceptionally comfortable compared against most other models available today. 

This model has an adjustable base attached to it which features a basic headboard as well as a 2-year warranty.

It also comes with the following features:

2" Visco Elastic Memory Foam - 

This type of foam is known for its ability to conform to the contours of your body while also providing exceptional comfort and support. 

This type of foam tends towards being quite dense so some users may find that it's a little too firm for their liking - however, this density can be easily adjusted by using one of the included comfort layers (i.e. Lucid's Visco Elastic Memory Foam Topper for Tempurpedic's Gel Memory Foam Pillow Top) on top​ ​of it. 

1" Visco Elastic Memory Foam Topper with Tempurpedic Support Pad - 

Both these layers are made out of visco elastic memory foam and will work well together in providing additional comfort and support for those looking into adding extra softness to their mattress without sacrificing any level of support which memory foam is known for delivering. 

The pad itself is made out of cotton (which is very breathable) along with microfiber fabric (which adds durability, softness, and moisture wicking properties). 

The combination between these two layers provides an exceptionally comfortable experience since the combination works great at eliminating pressure points along with keeping you cool during use while also allowing heat from your body to dissipate away from your skin via its breathable cover (which helps avoid sweating at night). 

2" High Density Base Support Foam - 

This type of memory foam used in this layer adds additional support underneath the mattress itself which helps prevent sagging over time. 

Adjustable Bed Base - 

The base itself features metal wheels which can lock into place when desired along with a remote control that allows you adjust bed height, tilt position, back position as well as locking it into place whenever desired while also allowing you choose between 3 different message settings.

It's important to note however that this model does not come with side rails meaning that anyone who wishes to use this bed frame should take care taking precautions when getting in/out since they may fall off if they're not careful enough.

If you have children around then please definitely keep them away from moving around nearby where the mattress sits since they could easily hurt themselves should they fall off at any time during use.

This can cause serious injury so please do take precautions accordingly if need be. All things considered, we feel like Lucid has done a great job improving upon their previous versions by adding additional comfort layers atop what was already an excellent design before hand here especially considering how affordable they are compared against similar products currently on offer elsewhere online today.

Dormeuse - Premium Grade Natural Latex Mattress (Best for those who prefer a very firm mattress)

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Dormeuse - Premium Grade Natural Latex Mattress (Best for those who prefer a very firm mattress)

Dormeuse is a top-tier brand specializing in the creation of high quality natural latex mattresses. And this model is no exception to what they're capable of producing as it's currently one of the best natural latex mattresses available on the market today.

Made with 100% naturally sourced materials, it features many fantastic features which make it ideal for those who like their mattresses very firm as well as those who suffer from back pain.​ ​Here are some notable features:

100% Natural Latex - 

This bed is made with 100% natural latex which makes it both extremely comfortable and responsive all around while also being extremely durable and supportive at the same time.

100 Night Sleep Trial - 

Customers have up to 100 days to test out their Dormeuse mattress and if they decide that they don't like their purchase then they can return it for a full refund.

30 Year Warranty - 

This warranty will cover any manufacturing defects that may occur during this period (but not regular wear & tear). 

Medium Firm Feel - 

These beds tend towards having a medium firm feel which we feel most people will enjoy since if you've had problems with buying too soft of a mattress before then these are definitely something worth looking into next.

In terms of sizing, your options include Twin XL (38" x 80") , Full (53" x 75"), Queen (60" x 80"), King (76" x 80") , and California King (72" x 84"). 

 If you're worried about buying these beds because you're not sure if they'll fit your frame properly, don't worry because almost all customers reported being able to assemble this bed without any problems even though there were some concerns about frame size compatibility beforehand.  

Brooklyn Bedding Alexander Signature Series – Soft/Firm Hybrid Mattress (Best for those who prefer a medium firm mattress)

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Brooklyn Bedding Alexander Signature Series – Soft/Firm Hybrid Mattress (Best for those who prefer a medium firm mattress)

This is another hybrid mattress made by Brooklyn Bedding which is designed to have a soft plush top layer with a firmer base. And the good news is that this model features many of the same great qualities as the brand's other beds including:

7” Gusseted Edge Support - 

This feature will ensure that your bed won't collapse over time and it'll also protect you from rolling off of it since its height has been increased from 4” to 7”.

3-Zone Design - 

This model comes with 3 separate zones which are used to provide support and comfort to different parts of your body all at once. 

The first zone is located in your lumbar area where most people tend to experience pain while sleeping; the second zone supports your hips and shoulders, and the final zone provides comfort for your head and neck.

Medium Firm Feel - 

Like we mentioned earlier, these beds tend towards having a medium firm feel which we feel most people will enjoy since if you've had problems with buying too soft of a mattress before then these are definitely something worth looking into next.

And just like Dormeuse, this bed also comes in Twin XL (38" x 80"), Full (53" x 75"), Queen (60" x 80"), King (76" x 80") , and California King (72" x 84") sizes so you can buy one that fits perfectly into your home décor as well as frame size.​ 

Queen Mattress, Sweetnight 12 Inch Mattress for back pain (Best top gel foam Mattresses for back pain)

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Queen Mattress, Sweetnight 12 Inch Mattress for back pain (Best top gel foam Mattresses for back pain)

The Sweetnight 12 Inch Gel Foam Mattress is a very comfortable option for many. If you are someone who is looking for a mattress that will provide you with the best sleep, this is a great option for you.

The Sweetnight 12 Inch Gel Foam Mattress is a great option for many. It is made of the highest quality materials available. It will provide you with the comfort and support you need to get a great night’s sleep. It is made with the finest quality gel foam that will absorb your body heat and reduce back pain.

Gel foam-

The Sweetnight 12 Inch Gel Foam Mattress is made of the highest quality materials available. It will provide you with the comfort and support you need to get a great night’s sleep.

It is made with the finest quality gel foam that will absorb your body heat and reduce any heat that you are feeling. This is a great feature for those who tend to get hot while they are sleeping.


It is made with three layers of foam that will provide you with the support you need to get a great night’s sleep.

It is made with quilted foam that will give you a great sleeping surface. This is a great feature for those who want to be sure they have a great sleeping surface.

It has a fiber cotton cover that will help to keep your mattress looking great for many years to come.

It is made with a waterproof cover that will help to protect the mattress from spills and accidents.

Best Mattress for Back Pain – 

The Sweetnight 12 Inch Gel Foam Mattress is made with three layers of foam that will provide you with the support you need. It will be able to relieve your back pain and make the mattress more comfortable.

It is made with a foam that is known for its ability to relieve back pain. This is a great feature for those who want to be sure they are not in pain while they are sleeping.


It is also made with a quality cover that will help to protect your mattress from spills and accidents. This is a great feature for those who want to be sure they are not in pain while they are sleeping.

The Best Mattress For Back Pain: Buying Guide

The mattress is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. Choosing the right one will not only affect you physically, but also mentally. 

The right mattress will increase your energy levels and help you sleep better at night. The wrong mattress will make you feel uncomfortable and may even keep you up all night long.

If you are suffering from back pain, choosing the right mattress can be particularly difficult, as it's important that there is no pressure on your lower back or spine during the night. It's also vital that the bed gives good support to other parts of your body such as your neck and shoulders in order to prevent pain developing in these areas too.

With so much choice out there, it can be difficult to know where to begin when buying a new mattress so here's a quick guide which should help you decide how best to proceed when looking for a new bed for back pain relief:

Mattress Type

There are several types of mattress on the market, ranging from air beds to waterbeds and from memory foam to latex. Selecting the right mattress type is essential in ensuring that a good night's sleep is had by all.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are made from a visco-elastic material which moulds around the body to provide support and comfort. 

The foam 'remembers' where your body has been so it continues to support that area for as long as you are on it, meaning you get a deep, rejuvenating sleep every night. 

Memory foam also absorbs pressure so it will relieve any stress in your joints and spine by dispersing it evenly throughout the mattress. These mattresses are available in several different firmness levels so finding one which suits you should be easy enough if you know what level of firmness you prefer.

Air Mattress

Air beds have been around for many years now but they still remain popular due to their low cost and versatility. 

While these mattresses are best suited for temporary sleeping arrangements such as when guests stay over or while camping, they can work well for everyday use too if you don't mind not having permanent access to an electric pump. 

All air beds have one thing in common – they tend not to be very comfortable. This is because they offer minimal support and mould around the body rather than supporting it like other types of mattress do. 

Some people find this level of comfort quite appealing but most will find that an air bed may be more suitable for sitting than sleeping.

Waterbed Mattress

Waterbeds have been around since before electricity was invented. It was during this time that people began noticing how effective waterbeds were at relieving pain caused by back problems – particularly rheumatoid arthritis or severe muscle strain as well as helping with insomnia too. 

Water provides excellent support and also acts as a natural coolant making these beds perfect for those who suffer from heat intolerance or overheating at night (which often leads to bad sleep anyway.). 

Waterbeds do come with some downsides though; leakage can occur if there is damage to either the bed itself or its parts, moisture can build up underneath causing mildew issues, spare parts aren't always easy to get hold of should something go wrong over time and being close enough for your head/pillow/face etc. 

And lastly but most importantly – waterbeds aren't ideal if you have children who like getting into bed with you at night because they could drown.


When it comes to the price of a mattress, you get what you pay for. If you are using a mattress that is full of lumps and bumps or sags in places, then your body will be forced into unnatural positions while you sleep. 

This is especially true if you are someone who suffers from back pain and needs to sleep on their side. The last thing that you need is a mattress which pushes against your spine as this will only cause further discomfort throughout the night.

With all this in mind, it's important to understand that when buying a new mattress for back pain relief, the price may vary depending on your personal requirements. 

Mattress Size (and shape)

If you regularly suffer from back pain then it's important to understand how different mattress shapes may affect your situation:

- If you are a stomach sleeper, then choosing a firm mattress with minimal give can really help prevent lower back pain developing over time as well as helping relieve any current aches or pains too. A memory foam or latex bed would be perfect for those who like to keep their spine in line while they sleep; these mattresses tend to offer good support without being too firm which means they are ideal for people suffering from lower back pain issues too.

- For those who like to sleep on their side or find themselves waking up with shoulder aches and pains every morning then perhaps an extra soft option might be best? The softness will help give some relief from pressure points while also giving enough support so that no part of the body feels uncomfortable during the night. A memory foam bed would offer very good support here whilst also offering extra comfort levels thanks to its contouring properties; these types of mattresses also have antibacterial properties built into them too.

- Finally, if side sleeping isn't your thing but rather something that happens occasionally when suffering from bad migraines during pregnancy for example but not something normal for everyday life then perhaps it would be best just opting for an all round good quality general purpose medium - firmish feel? Memory foam beds might again suit here especially as they seem very popular nowadays but maybe something else could work just as well.

Mattress Thickness

Mattress thickness refers to the distance between the top surface of the mattress and the bottom support layer. 

It's important to consider mattress thickness when buying a new bed because it will have an impact on both your comfort levels during the night, as well as your overall spine health.

If you are someone who likes to sleep on a soft bed, then a thicker mattress may be more suited to your needs. 

However, if you prefer something firmer, then you should look for something that's thinner in depth rather than width. 

The ideal thickness of any bed is going to differ depending on personal preferences and sleeping style so it's important that you choose what feels best for your needs. 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to mattress thickness so take this into consideration before making a final purchase decision.


There are many different types of mattresses currently available on the market which means there are also many different ways by which each one can be categorized according to its firmness level: 

Firm mattresses have a high amount of support & pressure relief - Perfect choice if weight distribution is an issue .

Medium firm mattresses provide balance between support & pressure relief - Ideal option if weight distribution isn't an issue soft mattresses offer low amounts of support & pressure relief - Great choice if looking for extra comfort.

Extra soft mattresses provide very little support & pressure relief - If looking for extra comfort this option would suit best.

It's important that you choose what feels most comfortable as firmness levels can vary from product to product depending on brand and manufacturer specifications. 

Because of this, we recommend trying out several beds before making a final decision as there may be some out there that better suit your personal preferences than others so don't forget about this factor until after doing some research online first. 

You should also remember that everyone has different needs when it comes to firmness level so keep this in mind as well.

Special Features & Additional Information

Breathable & Cool: 

The mattress should allow air to flow freely through it. This will help ensure that you are able to sleep comfortably without getting too hot. 

Having a breathable mattress will also help with removing moisture, which is crucial for preventing the growth of mold or mildew on your bed.


If you suffer from allergies and asthma, a hypoallergenic mattress is recommended as these can cause symptoms to flare up and become worse during a night of sleep. 

Special fire retardants are used in making hypoallergenic mattresses which means that any dust mites living in the mattress will not be able to survive on it and build up their populations.


It's important to make sure that your new mattress will last for years before needing replaced. 

Look out for special features such as special stitching, layers of foam or fiber quilting which all help enhance the durability of the bed over time.


Mattresses can be a breeding ground for dust mites and other bacteria which can cause allergies and even infections. 

A mattress with anti-microbial features will help to prevent the build up of these bacteria, keeping you healthier in the long run.


If you suffer from back pain, an antibacterial mattress is a good option as this will help to prevent any bacteria from growing on the bed which may feed off sweat, dead skin cells and other bodily fluids during sleep. This way, you won't wake up feeling groggy or sticky during the night.


Many of the cheaper mattresses are not waterproof and will not prevent spills from soaking into the mattress. 

If you have kids or pets, this is a good feature to look out for as it will help to avoid the mattress wearing down too quickly.

Easy To Clean:

 It's important that your bed is easy to clean when you need it cleaned. Look out for special features such as waterproofing or wipes which can be used to clean spills and dirt from your mattress easily.

Durable Materials: 

Thicker layers of memory foam or latex will help to last longer than thinner mattresses. The more durable the materials used to make your mattress, the longer it will last before needing replaced.

Resilient Material: 

The material which is used in making your mattress should be resilient and long lasting. It's important that this material is strong enough to provide support for your body and keep you comfortable during sleep for many years to come.

Built In Pillow: 

Many mattresses now come with built in pillows, which makes it easier to adjust the bed to your comfort needs. This is especially helpful for people who suffer from back pain as you can make sure that the pillow is at the right height and position for you while sleeping.

Easy To Assemble: 

Mattresses can sometimes be difficult to assemble. Make sure that you know whether your mattress comes already assembled or not as this will determine how easy it is for you to get it in place and ready for use.

Quick Drying: 

You will want to make sure that any spills or accidents on your bed are able to dry quickly. If they do not, mold and mildew may develop which could cause unpleasant smells and health problems. 

Look out for mattresses made from quick drying materials which can help prevent this from happening.


If you move around a lot, a portable mattress is a good idea as it's easier to transport than other types of mattress. 

A portable bed will also save floor space when not in use, which can be useful if you live in a small apartment or dormitory room at college for example.

Waterproof Materials:

 Look out for waterproof materials used in making the outer layer of your mattress such as vinyl or plastic, which will help keep moisture away from the layers underneath where you sleep on top of the bed during the night. This way, spills won't soak through into the inner layers causing damage over time.


There you have it, the best mattresses for back pain. The key to buying a mattress for lower back pain is to make sure that you find one that is comfortable and supportive enough for your needs. 

If you have a bad back, then the best thing to do is to get yourself a mattress with all of the special features that allow you to sleep in comfort.

If you are looking for something more affordable, then buy a standard bed mattress, but if you want something more high end and luxurious than check out these top 5 mattresses above. 

They are all great choices when it comes to picking the right mattress for your specific needs when it comes to back pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The pain may be dull or sharp, and it may have a dull ache associated with it. If you have bad back pain you may also find that you have difficulty bending, sitting, standing, or walking.

  • If your mattress has a sag in it, or if it is sagging at any one point, it could be time to replace it. A good quality mattress should last for about ten years, and if you find that your mattress is uncomfortable, it could also be time to replace it as well.

  • If you have back pain, you may want to stay active. A common misconception is that you should rest if you have back pain. If you stay active and keep moving your muscles will work, and they will stay strong and flexible.

  • Try to sit as straight as possible, and try not to slouch. When you sit, try sitting on an exercise ball. This will help keep your back in proper alignment, and will help to prevent lower back pain from occurring.

  • In this current economic climate, we all need to save money where we can. If you are looking for a quality mattress at a good price, you need to look online. Not only can you find a good deal, but there are many options. In addition, you can find free shipping, and you can find great promotions as well.

  • You should look for a mattress with a firm and solid feel to it. This is important, because a firm mattress will provide your body with proper support, and it will help relieve pressure points.

  • Some of the best mattresses for back pain are froth-filled mattresses. These mattresses tend to be very comfortable, and they are good for relieving pressure points. In addition, they are good for relieving back pain.

  • Some of the best mattresses that you can buy are the Tempur-Pedic mattresses. These mattresses are made with foam, and they have a good solid feel to them. In addition, they are very comfortable, and they do an excellent job of relieving pressure points.

Written by Sumit Pandey

My name is Sumit Kumar Pandey and I’m a content writer and blogger who specializes in writing about technology, web design, and online marketing. After working as a research scholar in the engineering field for many years, I’m now a full-time content writer, helping people get more exposure and generate more leads for their businesses.

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